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The Klein repeater (444.375/PL100) is now permanently connected to the NARS Allstar Hub. The Hub will serve as a central connection for the NARS repeaters and members.

A direct connection to the repeaters nodes will fail because the repeater nodes are behind firewalls. The Galleria and Downtown nodes are not yet connected to the repeaters. Once internet service to the two remaining sites is in place, those two repeaters will be connected to the nodes. Once this is accomplished, any traffic to or from a repeater will be heard on all 3 repeaters.

In addition to the hub and repeater nodes, the map shows some additional connections by some NARS members connected to the Hub . Each of us has a Allstar node at our QTH and are connecting to the Hub to be part of the NARS repeater system . Anyone connecting their personal node to the Hub will hear traffic to or from the Klein repeater as well as to or from the individual nodes.

Members who have an Allstar node at their QTH can connect to the Hub (node #59847) . Also, there are multiple phone apps for Allstar. Once you get the app installed on your phone, connect to the Hub number in the same way as a node at home. If you would like to monitor the connections to the hub and know which node is the source of the transmission, you can connect via the web to the Hub. The hub url is


What's next?  Well as stated earlier, the main focus for the Repeater Team is to identify and install Internet services at the Downtown and Galleria repeater sites and physically connect the Allstar nodes the repeaters, we will have a 3-repeater linked system. This should provide HT coverage to members for most, if not all, of Harris County as well as a portion of neighboring counties. 

Additionally, we will be broadcasting the Amateur Radio Newsline via the NARS Allstar system. It will broadcast each Saturday starting at 10am for ~15 minutes. We will be implementing other announcements or reminders using Allstar (i.e. weekly net, club meetings, etc.) in the near future.

This is a lot of information to digest so if you have any questions or problems connecting to the NARS Allstar Hub, please contact any of the Repeater Team members. There are discussions ongoing to have a brief Allstar class and/or education in the near future. Once those plans are finalized, we'll notify the members.Check back here and on the W5NC groups.io reflector for updates.