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To help make this new feature the positive tool we hope it will become, we ask that all users adhere to the following guidelines when posting to the W5NC reflector:

  • Please register with your full name and valid call sign. Failure to do so will delay membership approval while a moderator obtains the missing information.
  • Please sign all messages with name and call sign, e.g., Hiram - W1AW.
  • This is an Amateur Radio newsgroup/reflector. Anything related to that topic is permissible. Political discussions, images of a sexual or harassing nature, or racist or insulting posts are not. Such posts will be removed and the poster will be blocked for one week. Additional violations by that poster will result in removal of the offending material as well as removal of the poster. 
  • When replying to a posting (message), please delete the trailing text. Only leave the text from the prior message to which you are replying to and... <snip> the rest. To read the entire thread, the command [Up Thread] at the top of the message can be used to move back through the entire discussion. Remember that some members have slow connections and some even pay connect time or characters sent or received. This also helps the clarity of your message.
  • Members may post items for sale or wanted to buy ... once per item(s). All responses to offers to buy/sell should be made directly to the poster, not to the Group. The member posting the FS or WTB item may post that the item(s) was/were sold/purchased. 
  • New members are moderated until their first posting. If it follows the guidelines, it is approved and the member is changed to unmoderated status. If an unmoderated posting is found by the moderators to have a problem, then the poster is contacted directly to resolve the issue. Actions are taken against posters who chronically violate the rules. The reason for this form of moderation is to block spammers from the list. See the second item above.
  • 'Sticky' posts announcing future events must be removed after the event. If the event is a recurring one and you want to leave it up, please use a generic subject line an put the details in the body of the post. Subjects cannot be edited after posting, but the message body can. The moderators thank you for making our job easier and making the message board more useful.

On behalf of the W5NC officers and Group moderators, thanks for your cooperation and enjoy the reflector!