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The Galleria VHF repeater is off-line until further notice because of a faulty antenna. We are working diligently to replace it. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

April 2024 Update:

The NARS Repeater team has replaced the UHF repeater at the Galleria site.  The new repeater is on 443.075 +5mHz offset with a PL 103.5 tone.  We also installed the equipment necessary to connect this repeater to the NARS Allstar Hub.  This links the Klein UHF and Galleria UHF repeaters together through the NARS Allstar Hub.

The NARS 146.66 / PL100 Repeater remains in service. There are still some technical issues pending, however. 

Three active repeaters in the Houston area are affiliated with NARS. One repeater is located just west of the George R Brown convention center in downtown, the second is located in the Spring/Klein area near Klein Collins High School, and the third is located in the Galleria area. All three repeaters are now linked full time and are also available on EchoLink/Allstar

W5NC - 2M coverage map

  • W5NC - 2M 146.660 -600 kHz PL 100.0  Located in the Downtown Houston (signs W5NC/R)
  • W5NC - 70cm 444.375 +5 mHz PL 100.0 Located in the Klein-Spring area (signs W5NC/R KLN)
  • W5NC-R – EchoLink/Allstar
In addition, we also have two backup repeaters in standby mode:
  • W5NC - 2M 146.660 -600 kHz PL 141.3  Located in the Galleria area (signs W5NC/R)
  • W5NC - 70cm 444.375 +5 mHz PL 103.5 Located in the Galleria area (signs W5NC/R)