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The following items must be addressed when requesting the use of W5NC repeaters to provide communications support for a public service event or a net other than the NARS club weekly nets published in the club newsletter, NARS News

§97.101 General standards.

(c) At all times and on all frequencies, each control operator must give priority to stations providing emergency communications, except to stations transmitting communications for training drills and tests in RACES.

Communications for training drills can be run at times other than scheduled weekly NARS nets on the W5NC repeater system. See latest the NARS Newsletter for net times.

Since it is in the FCC rules that an emergency communications need outweighs any scheduled weekly net, the emergency communications will be given priority. If there is a weather event or similar emergency in the Houston area, quickly send an email to the club trustee, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and he will notify NARS Board members of the use of the repeaters for an emergency communications event. The trustee will be the point of contact for any updates during the emergency.

To request the use of W5NC repeaters for a net or for an event:

  1. Any licensed operator may request the use of the repeater for a public service event or start a weekly net other than on a day and time that a NARS weekly net is already scheduled.
  2. Submit the request to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The board members will decide if the net can be on the club repeater.
  3. The request should be submitted to the NARS President at least 2 weeks before the next meeting of the NARS Board.
  4. The request must state the purpose, the proposed day, the start time and the end time of the event or weekly net. For weekly nets, it should also have a current NARS member(s) that will be a part of this new net. NARS membership participation is not required for public service events.
  5. The Board members and the Trustee will discuss the request. If the request is approved then the member is notified that the net can proceed for an interim period stated by the board.
  6. The interim period is for any net that is running on the repeater other that the NARS weekly scheduled nets. These requested nets can be stopped at any time that the board members decide to revoke the time slot for the net. The board may request that the operator in charge of the net come to a board meeting to discuss the net and/or the revocation.