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In January, NARS held our annual banquet club meeting. This is also the time we recognize the previous year officers and contributors and install newly elected officers to carry us forward. And of course, we all enjoyed great barbecue courtesy of Valley Ranch Barbecue.

NARS 2023 Officers

From right to left, President Ron Matusek WA6TQH, Vice-President Paul Kent KI5FJS, ARRL/VEC Liaison Sheree Horton WM5N, Treasurer Tom Hoherd KK5YU, Secretary Brandon Rogers K5BLR, Callsign Trustee Paul Owen, N5NXS, Director 2 Rich Jones W5VEK, Director 1 Sam Labarbera N6HB, Webmaster Bill Buoy N5BIA.

Several of these officers hold multiple positions. Sam Labarbera is our Social Media director, Brandon Rogers is our newsletter editor, and Sheree Horton is our Public Information Liaison.