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NetLogger is a logging program that uses the internet to transmit check-in information to other users of NetLogger.  Net participants that are ‘monitoring’ the net with NetLogger receive updated information every twenty seconds.

NetLogger also has features designed to make logging check-ins easier.  For instance, if you use a callbook program like QRZ!, HamCall, Sam Database, or Radio Amateur Callbook, information like name, city, and state can be filled in for you automatically.

A “Club Profile” feature enables you to store and automatically display station information not found in a callbook database, like WSSBN Membership Number.

Other features of NetLogger include support for importing/exporting data in ADIF and CSV format, a built-in contact database that supports complex searching, automatic entry of UTC, date and time when logging contacts, viewing of upcoming net schedules on-line, ability to post your own net schedule, ability to send a list of check-ins to an email reflector, ability to print QSL labels, mailing labels and contacts, plus many other features.

Using NetLogger for your weekly net operations can enhance your enjoyment of the weekly VHF and DMR nets, as well as your other net activities on HF. Net control stations as well as net participants are encouraged to install and use NetLogger. The program is free and has versions for Linux (64bit), Windows 7 or later (32/64bit) and MacOSX 10.7 or later (64 bit). To get started, visit the NetLogger website.


  • https://www.netlogger.org/
  • demos:
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbrAwjRsPTc
    • http://www.wx4qz.net/Setting_Up_Netlogger_For_Nets.pdf