Club Officers

Current club officers and Board of Directors. For contact information, click the name of the officer you need to contact, and then click Contact info under Miscellaneous.

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Name Position Phone Mobile
Richard Nelson President 281 257-1279 KF5WRD
Keith Dutson Vice President 281 516-1466 NM5G
Martin Rogoff Secretary 281-890-4538 N5GPS
Sheree Horton Treasurer 713-299-6994 KF5LMJ
Ron Matusek Director 281 205-3068 WA6TQH
Mike Bowen Director 281-95-4094 WE5ET
Ron Horton Director 713-299-7013 KF5LFL
Marty Fitzgerald Director 281-251-4301 W5MF
Keith Dutson Administrative Secretary 281 516-1466 NM5G
Keith Dutson Public Information Officer 281 516-1466 NM5G
Keith Dutson VE Exam Coordinator 281 516-1466 NM5G
Bill Buoy Webmaster 281-370-3510 N5BIA
Joe Sokolowski Newsletter Editor 281-353-2196 KD5KR