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NARS has made the difficult decision to increase its annual membership dues for the first time in its history. While this was a difficult choice for the Board, it has become necessary to sustain the provision of our numerous services to the community. Over the years, prices on goods and services have risen, and we have faced these increases while maintaining our membership fees, despite enhancing our repeater system and other services to our members.

Effective January 2024, the dues will increase by $5.00 across the board. The new dues structure will be as follows:

  • Individual Membership $25.00,
  • Family Membership $30.00
  • Student Membership $17.50.

We will continue to offer new licensees a $5.00 discount upon their initial sign-up.

Members who need to renew their membership before January 1 will pay the current dues, while those renewing after January 1 will see the increase. Membership terms run for one year from the day of joining, so many members will not experience the increase until sometime next year.